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The Ghosts of Lovers - 'The Ghosts of Lovers' (Angels in Exile Records - AIECD 003)The Ghosts of Lovers album features all 11 studio recordings undertaken by this cult UK Glam-Punk band, plus 4 live / rehearsal recordings. The accompanying 8 page booklet includes photographs taken by band photographer Giacomino Parkinson, and features artwork by Sophie Lo.

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Catalogue Number
Angels in Exile Records - AIECD 003
Press Release / Bio
The Ghosts of Lovers are a cult UK Glam-Punk Rock 'n' Roll band, formed by Steve Pegrum and Stuart Emmerton. Initially based around their mutual love of the ’musical trinity’ of Johnny Thunders, Lords of the New Church and Hanoi Rocks, The Ghosts strove to make their own unique imprint. After some initial line up changes, the 'classic' Ghosts of Lovers consisting of Kevin MacDonald on Vocals, Guy Bourseau on Lead Guitar, Steve Perry on Rhythm Guitar, Kevin Sargeant on Bass and Steve Pegrum on Drums started recording their ever-growing catalogue of songs, the studio recordings of which are all to be found for the first time on this CD. As an interview during the period for London-based fanzine Submerge revealed, their aesthetic vision was detailed: "The chimera of eclectic sources which influence us are the spirit of Altamont where Rock and Roll met dark forces beyond its control, black leather, chain-smoking, courting crucifixion, crushed velvet, Berlin, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Herman Hesse, Manhattan, Christiane F, and The New York Dolls".

The band made their first recording at RMS Studios in Crystal Palace, with tracks consisting of Tonight, Iona and a live recording of Don’t be Afraid, with Iona being released as a flexi-disc with the aforementioned Submerge fanzine. Things looked positive for The Ghosts of Lovers, and the songwriting chemistry between the members was really starting to take off. A great photo session was undertaken by the band with Photographer Giacomino Parkinson later that year, providing some immortal shots.

In early 1991 the band underwent a line up change and became a four piece. The Ghosts then started rehearsing solidly, at the Music Complex in Camberwell, South London. They undertook another photo session and did a live recording at a studio in Purley, recording tracks Another Time, (Requiem For) Candy, The Light of my Sanity, Drowning in The Sea of Madness, That Girl, So Lonely, Sweet Sensitive Young Thing and Souls on Fire. Shortly after the recording, the Ghosts then played a great concert at the ’Let There Be Rock’ Festival at the Drill Hall in Lincoln, which was thankfully recorded (a live clip from this gig of the song 'That Girl' can be found on the Angels in Exile You Tube, Vimeo + Metacafe channels). Almost immediately after the concert however, musical differences emerged which ultimately led to the dissolution of the band and by the summer the band had spilt up.

Steve Pegrum and Guy Bourseau then started a band called ’Hearts of Darkness’ which featured Billy Ingram (ex-Fridays Angels + Brooklyn Dogs) on Bass, which continued until late ’96 / early ’97. Guy was diagnosed with cancer in 1998 and sadly died that November. This Ghosts of Lovers CD is dedicated to him and is a celebration of his warmth, love and immense talent.

The full tracklisting is: Tonight, Iona, Don't Be Afraid, So Lonely, The Light of My Sanity, Another Time, Sweet Sensitive Young Thing, (Requiem For) Candy, Souls On Fire, Drowning in The Sea of Madness, That Girl, Who's To Blame (Live), Soldier of The Heart (Live), Another Time (Live), That Girl (Live)
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