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Various Artists - Southend Punk Volume One
Southend Punk Rock History 1976 - 1986 (ANGELS002-AIECD)
In Brief
The Southend Punk Volume One compilation album includes tracks by punk bands from the era, including The Machines, The Sinyx, The Kronstadt Uprising, The Burning Idols, The Prey, Allegiance To No One and many more. The CD includes a booklet containing rare photos and Southend Punk memorabilia.

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Press Release / Bio
In 2006 Steve Pegrum launched the website 'Southend Punk Rock History 1976 - 1986', celebrating the Punk and Alternative heritage of this seaside town on the Thames Estuary. The Punk explosion hit the town hard, and being only 32 miles from London, Southend Punks enjoyed not only their own thriving scene, but were also able to regularly inhabit all the London and surrounding area punk gigs and clubs. The website celebrates Southend's own experience of The Punk Years though, and with the contributions of photographs and various items of memorabilia from many punks, the sites archive has grown considerably since its inception.

The Southend Punk Volume One compilation CD is an extension of the site, and it includes 14 tracks by many of the main Punk bands that the area produced during the period. The 16 Page colour booklet includes detailed text on the bands and rare photos and memorabilia. The CD (in conjunction with the website) provides an insight into this special era.

The tracklisting include songs by: The Machines, The Steve Hooker Band, The Vicars, The Deciballs, The Psychopaths, The Shocks, The Bullies, The Icons, The Sinyx, The Kronstadt Uprising, Allegiance To No One, The Burning Idols, The Prey & The Armless Teddies
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