Cities of Eternity - History of Project

The first time I entered The Bayon in Angkor I was struck....By what, I couldn't think of. It was just a feeling. A vibe. I had to concentrate. To really try and put my finger on what it was I felt. I still don't think I have found the exact words for the energy of the past generations that had walked before me in this very spot. The more I traveled around Angkor, the more this impressed upon me a true sense of what little time we have here. That what is grand and important today will only be swept away by the winds of time and buried by the soil of the forgotten.

Cities of Eternity - Photography by Heidie Lee LockeIt's this lost energy of greatness, the awe of what was once magnificent, that I have tried to capture. After Angkor, I set out to capture the great city states that dominated the ancient world thousands of years ago. Each had it's own society, its own codas for life. And each was the super city of its society.

I tried to take a simple approach and not to capture everything but merely to feel. To capture the essence of the forgotten greatness. I tried to point my camera at what moved me. Only having a day at each location also put a further twist on the project. There was not time to be hyper analytical. I had to work with the morning, afternoon and evening sun respectively and shoot what best befitted the light.

I think what this project means to me is the haunting aspect of the ebb and flow of humanity though time. That 'This Too Shall Pass Away'. That we should stop and admire the beauty of the past but also have a keen appreciation for the world around around us today.



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